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“Disagree with the assertion that EPRP started urban guerrilla” …[Amharic]

borkena,Ethiopian News
February 13,2017


Nesibu Sebhat, author of “Fitsum new emnete” (ፍጹም ነው እምነቴ), former EPRP (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party) member, says “I disagree with the assertion that EPRP started urban guerrilla armed struggle.”

He claims his book is based on true story to which he is an eye witness. With four chapters, it focuses on events in particular district in Addis Ababa, Keftegna 15.

It is on the period that is now known in the history of revolutionary Ethiopia as “Red Terror.” A number of books are produced reflecting on the era by people of different political convictions,mind you the variations are within the the same left, including former Derg senior officials. However, there does not seem to be consensus on a single interpretation of the events leading to the “Red Terror” and “Red Terror” period and the extent of damages. Perhaps, that is reminiscent of the degree of political animosity of that part of Ethiopian history.



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