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Bilateral Consultations between Eritrea and Russia

borkena Ethiopian News
February 10,2017

Eritrean minister of Usman Saleh led a delegation to Moscow at the end of last month for a bilateral consultation between Eritrea and Russia.

Sergi Lavrov,Russian Minister of Foreign Affair,described the discussion as very constructive in a press conference after the meeting with his Eritrean counterpart.

The talk apparently focused on promoting bilateral relation in investment,economic and humanitarian realms. In terms of economic relation, Russia seem to have interest to work in the areas of mining and banking

As well, there was discussion in the area of working together in the diplomatic and political areas internationally and in the continent of Africa.


From the statement by Eritrean Foreign Affairs minister, it seems that the consultation was initiated by Russia.The Eritrean delegation was invited to Moscow.

He added that Eritrea and Russia share views on a number of international and regional issues.

It is for the third time for the Eritrean foreign affairs minister to visit Russia in just two years.

Eritrea has been under sanctions for many years now. It is in a state of no-peace-no-war relation with Ethiopia. In fact, heavy skirmish occurred sometime in June of last year since the 1998-2000 war which is believed to have claimed at many as 100,000 soldiers on both sides.



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