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Mulatu Teshome in Ankara,Turkey, for a five day visit

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February 8,2017

Multau Teshome served as Ambassador of Ethiopia to Turkey for seven years between 2006 and 2013. Now president of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, when he arrived yesterday in Ankara for a five days official visit, he got a very warm reception at the palace with salutes from presidential honour guard in light blue uniform at the palace and a blue carpet was rolled out as well. (click here to watch the video) Rare reception by Erdogan at the palace.
Mulatu is a ceremonial president with very little, if at all, executive power in the federal government. The government in Ethiopia recently announced that Turkish schools in Ethiopia that are linked to the Gulen movement will be transferred to the government of Turkey.

Anadolu Agency reported that Mulatu is presented with a certificate of friendship from Ankara University “for his contributions to developing relations between Turkey and African states during his seven-year ambassadorship to Ankara.”

In fact, Turkey has a very strong economic and cultural presence in Ethiopia comparable to China- if it does not surpass that. China’s cultural presence is not as strong as that of Turkey.

Turkish investment in Ethiopia is worth billions of dollars. However, that aspect of presence is not without problems. Development Bank of Ethiopia, for example, announced auction to sell a factory in Nazret (Adama) owned by Turkish nationals who borrowed money from Ethiopian bank and disappeared without paying back their debts.

Turkey has links with Somalian government. Erdogan congratulated the newly elected president of Somalia.



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