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Ethiopia : 7,842 detainees released from makeshift concentration camps

borkena, Ethiopian News
February 3,2017

Released detainees  from last month Source - Ethiomedia
Released detainees from last month
Source – Ethiomedia

Government in Ethiopia said that it released 7,842 detainees,calls them “trainees”, who were detained in three makeshift concentration camps -military training camps under normal circumstances. This is for the second time in two months time. More than fifty thousand Ethiopians were detained following the declaration of the state of emergency.

The detainees were released from Tolay, Yirgalem and Birsheleko camps in Amhara and Oromia regional states.

They were detained after massive crackdown in the two regional states for taking part in a popular anti-government protest.

Authorities from Oromia regional state reported attended the ceremony before the release of the detainees which the government considered “graduation.” Detainees wear a “Never Again” captioned T-shirt.


What was the training about?

Government media reported that the detainees took over a month-long training on the current constitution,” color revolution and the situation in Ethiopia,” and “renaissance of Ethiopia” – a mobilizing propaganda which the government has been using for many years now.

The constitution theoretically grants citizens the right to freedom of expression including peaceful demonstration.

It is possible, however, to speak in absolute terms that the regime in power allows no peaceful demonstration if the motive of it is to oppose government. In the latest popular movement alone, well over 1000 civilians including women and children were killed.

It is to be recalled that detainees who were released last month spoke to DW Amharic and VOA Amharic service, on condition of anonymity, that they were subjected to mistreatment and torture in the course of their detention in the makeshift concentration camps.

The recent anti-government protest was fueled by opposition to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front domination over politics and the economy of Ethiopia and rampant corruption, among other things.



  1. This is terrible what has been going on for many years. Can the African Union help, do you think? At least, something was done in Gambia recently, when the president, who had been voted out of power was told by Senegal to leave, and make way for the new president.


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