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Report : A Year of Protests in Ethiopia

borkena, Ethiopian News
February 2,2017

The following is a report from Rift Valley Institute regarding Ethiopia in 2016. It has identified the following key points in the report:

• Ethiopia’s reputation for predictable internal political order has been ended by a year of widespread grass-roots protests.
• Grievances specific to the Oromo and Amhara people and regions have converged into a youthful protest movement, which has, as yet, no clear political agenda or leadership.
• A State of Emergency has suspended constitutional government for a six-month period with a more pronounced role for security institutions that may be difficult to reverse.
• A reshuffled inclusive and technocratic cabinet has brought some political breathing space for the government but the underlying issues driving protest remain unaddressed.
Full PDF document is available A Year of Protests in Ethiopia – RVI Meeting Report (2016)



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