ESAT DC Daily News – January 31st 2017 [Amharic]

ESAT DC Daily News, Ethiopian News
January 31,2017


-Of 5 billion Ethiopian birr loan issued,by Development Bank of Ethiopia and commercial Bank of Ethiopia,to investors meant to engage in agricultural investment in Gambella, 4 billion is wasted in corrupt practices
-Twenty suspects detained in connection with recent attack in Gambella
-UN chief, Antonio Guterres, called for humanitarian aid to help drought victims in Ethiopia
-Morocco readmitted to African Union. After hours of discussion on the topic, 39 member countries voted in favour of Morocco’s readmission to the African Union. Algeria and South Africa are among the countries that voted against Morocco’s readmission to the African Union.
-African Union has now a new chairperson, former Chad’s foreign minister,Moussa Faki Mahama

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