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Man from Tigray to be executed by radical oromos

borkena,Ethiopian News
January 29,2017

Click here to watch the video.

Apparently a man from Tigray region of Ethiopia is held captive by a group of Oromo speakers,apparently radical Oromos, badly beaten and awaiting his execution. His captures instruct him to say last words for his families before they kill him.

The unverified video was released in social media in the past couple of days. It has shocked many Ethiopians to the core.

The circumstances under which the man ended up being a captive of groups that are presumed to be radical Oromo groups is not clear. Perhaps, the killing could be revenge killing orchestrated by radical Oromo groups.

In the last one year or so Tigray People Liberation Front government authorized killings of thousands of civilians in Oromia regions of Ethiopia by deploying armed forces (similar killings have taken place in Amhara regions of Ethiopia and the region,particularly Gonder, is a militarized zone)

When protesters in Gonder in captured someone who was presumed to be secret agent of Tigray People’s liberation front midst heightened popular revolt , there was no such a move. Because the movement is not essentially a radical one. What is seen in the video above is of a different nature and does tell what is in store for Ethiopia should radical Oromo groups gain upper hand.

How did Ethiopia got to the point where it is now

A danger of huge magnitude is haunting Ethiopian. Yet, the narrative that the international community is painting about Ethiopia is rosy than it actually is. Even when widespread protest in Ethiopia made headlines in international media outlets a few months ago, emerging picture is perverted in a way to look like a movement related against maladministration.

Political developments in Ethiopia rather suggests that the country is prone to be consumed by unprecedented ethnic based conflict which could spill over to the entire region.

It is not something unexpected. It is rather a product of political ideology essentially nurtured by the very regime in power, Tigray People’s liberation Front. Ethiopian past was deliberately demonized and looked at with ethnic politics lens , in part to legitimize power and in part in an effort to use ethnic politics as a means to weaken the ever powerful Ethiopian Nationalism. It did not however achieve both ; especially the former. In the end, what happened is dangerous ethno-nationalism is on the rise and radical Oromos have it in an even more dangerous form.

In consequence, the country is in a brink of political disaster.



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