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Zambia repatriated Ethiopian immigrants

borkena, Ethiopian News
January 27,2017

Zambia repatriated 147 Ethiopian immigrants after President Edgar Lungu pardoned them. According to report by Lusaka Times, two of the Ethiopian immigrants are women and the rest of them are men.

They were serving jail terms across Zambian prisons since 2011, apparently convicted of illegal presence in Zambia.
International Organization for Migration was involved and coordinated effort with the government of Zambia to make the repatriation happen.

Lusaka Times cited International Organization for Migration (IOM) Zambia Communications Focal Point Officer,Bertha Nguvulu, to report that “the repatriation exercise cost about $150,000 and follows the joint agreement between the governments of Zambia and Ethiopia.”

The situation in Ethiopia has become intolerable for many citizens so much so that migration under circumstances of uncertain and often dangerous condition became an option.

Cover Photo : File / Source IFRC



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