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Eleven and twelve years old Ethiopian immigrants await deportation

Ethiopian News
January 26,2017

Detention and deportation of Ethiopian immigrants in Africa has been making news headlines for a long time now. A report by Zimbabwean news source, NewsDay, today says about thirty four Ethiopian immigrants are awaiting deportation from Zimbabwe.[adToAppearHere]

Four of them are between the ages of 11 and 12, the report added.

All of them have been detained since December 2016 on grounds of “illegal presence” and appeared before court. The report added that they pleaded guilty of the charge before magistrate Shane Kubonera.

According to the report, they were detained from Marondera farm after arriving from Mutoko to Marondera en route to Beitbridge by Cletto Nyandoro and Gift Bere.

The report did not mention a date as to when they will be deported to Ethiopia.

Hundreds of thousands of desperate Ethiopian youth are leaving their country behind in the hope of reaching South Africa,the ME and Europe.



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