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The ‘pussyhats’ grab back : Massive Women’s March on Washington overwhelms streets (CBC)

By Matt Kwong and Meagan Fitzpatrick, CBC
Published on January 21,2017

500,000 estimated at D.C. march, jamming streets for life, liberty and reproductive freedom

Woman's March - Washington
A sea of people wearing pink hats join the Women’s March on Washington in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters) / via CBC

Anyone need a hat?”

“I’ve got extra Pussyhats! Who wants Pussyhats?”

And, just to be sure — “Ladies, come take a hat!”

In the raging political cauldron that is Washington, D.C., no sartorial choice mattered more these past two days than your headwear.

Inauguration morning on Friday was dominated by a blaze of red ball caps bearing President Donald Trump’s plea to “Make America Great Again.” Today, the nation’s capital was awash in pink “pussyhats,” the pointy-eared tuques that were distributed en masse by demonstrators and worn by the estimated half a million people taking part in the Women’s March on Washington. (The pussyhat knitting project, which became tied to the march, was a response to Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood hot-mic remarks boasting about grabbing women’s genitalia.)

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