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Tensae Radio Jan 21 2017 [Amharic]

Tensae Radio News
January 21,2017


Tensae Radio covered how Timkat is celebrated in different parts of Ethiopia, mainly in North West. Normally one of most popular religious and cultural holidays in Ethiopia, people were not into celebrating it. Government forces had to mobilize people to go to Timkat celebration.

Obviously, government mobilization was in part motivated by the need to create a sense of normalcy and in part out to economic motive to protect the tourism sector from further collapse.

Lack of motivation to celebrate holidays like Timkat is understandable in light of extensive demoralization and deepening political and economic repression. Yet, it should be noted that the regime, in the process the,could even benefit more if Ethiopians are abandoning religious and cultural heritages as important as Timkat.

The regime is also instigating religious conflict in Gondar.




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