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Reported grenade explosion on TPLF owned plant in North West Ethiopia

January 21,2017

grenade attack - Metema- Ethiopia
Town of Metema after attack by TPLF forces /File

Grenade explosion has become a common experience in North West Ethiopia recently. And the latest strings of attack is reported in Metema,a small town bordering Sudan in North Western Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Satellite Television ‘s report cited sources from the region to report that a cotton processing plant in Genda Wuha locality of Metema is reduced to ashes after what seemed to be planned grenade explosion.

The plant was owned by, according to ESAT report, the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front – which has a huge business empire worth over $6 billion across the country.

There was another grenade explosion in Negade Bahir locality of Metema. No human causality is reported in the attack.
So far, no one claimed responsibility for the attacks. ESAT and citizen’s report in social media seem to suggest that the attack was carried out by rebel groups operating in the region.

The region has been one of the areas in Ethiopia where there was a fierce protest against political and economic repression by the ruling TPLF.

Report by ESAT added that there seem to be arrest in Metema connection with the attack on TPLF cotton processing plant.

In less than two weeks, Bahir Dar,which is the seat of Amhara regional state, and the historic Gonder city,which has been the motor of protest against TPLF government, witnessed grenade explosions in hotels that are believed to be affiliated with TPLF.



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