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“America First”, Donald J Trump during his inauguration

January 20,2017

embedded video from CNN

With his America First message in mind, Donald Trump is sworn this morning as America’s 45th president before thousands of Americans who gathered at Capitol Hill for the ceremony. Nearly 30,000 security forces were deployed for the inauguration ceremony. Emerging reports in RT indicate that police battled with anti-Trum protesters with tear gas and hundreds are reportedly arrested including RT reporter who was covering the protest.

Trump hinted about his domestic and foreign policies in his short inaugural speech. And the motto is America first.

In terms of domestic policy, he was clearly critical of the past for not sharing prosperity with the poor and pledged that the future will be different.
Despite pervasive protests against his election as president of the United States of America, Trump seems to see himself as a man of the people with allegiance to the people rather than the party loyalty. “January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again,” said Trump.

He declared that under his presidency, it is back to work and people will be off welfare programs. How much of his words will evolve as a policy to resolve domestic problems will soon be known.

However, some analysts in mainstream media take his speech to be of conciliatory tone so much so that it sounded different from his campaign speeches.

In the realm of foreign relation, Trump made clear his intention to make America “shine” in a way to influence other nations rather than imposing American values on others. And the pillar of his foreign policy, Trump was bold, is “America first.” Analyst tend to take Trump’s message to be isolationist and nationalistic with no ambition for pursuit of global hegemonic position, unlike erstwhile.

Question is whether power elites in the US will settle for an American foreign policy that pretty much resembles the Pre-WWI US foreign policy.

Cover photo: Screenshot from CNN Video




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