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Ethiopia released three Egyptians from prison

January 13,2017

Taha Mansour  Source : Capital Ethiopia
Taha Mansour
Source : Capital Ethiopia

Three Egyptians arrested in Ethiopia following deceleration of state of emergency in the country are released, says a report by Ahram Online which cited Foreign Ministry of Egypt.

The report indicates that the government of Egypt was engaging the government in Ethiopia for months to secure the release of the Egyptians from a prison in the capital Addis Ababa. “Egypt’s Foreign minister Sameh Shoukry traveled to Addis Ababa in November to discuss the release of the men with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn,” Reported Ahram online.
While they were held in prison for months, it appears that there was no charge laid against them according to information from Egyptian Foreign Ministry -cited by Ahram. They are now back in Cairo.

Taha Taha Mansour,one of the arrested Egyptian was apparently a hotel manager at Radisson Blue Hotel and was taken by Ethiopian security forces from his work place, according to a report by Capital – weekly English newspaper in Ethiopia. The rest of the Egyptians were not identified by name in the report by Capital.

Government in Ethiopia has been repeatedly accusing Egypt of meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia by way of supporting Oromo ethno-nationalist groups. Open accusation came after what many agree to be a government instigated stampede that claimed hundreds of lives during a famous Oromo cultural festival, Ireecha, at Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) in late September 2016.

However, Egyptian government denied the allegation that it does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Relation between Ethiopia and Egypt is strained due to a grand dam project over the Nile river as Egypt claims that the dam will reduce water flow to Egypt. More than eighty percent of water volume of Nile River originates from Ethiopia. Recently, Ethiopian government claims that fifty percent of the construction project is completed.


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