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Ethiopia : death toll from Gonder grenade attack reportedly reaches four

January 12,2017

Entasol Hotel   Source : Screenshot from EBC Vidro
Entasol Hotel
Source : Screenshot from EBC Vidro

Death toll from grenade attack on Entasol Hotel in Gonder reportedly reached four while figure for wounded is thirty, according to social media sources.
Report by state media says only one killed and 18 wounded. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation cited “Command Post” as a source in its report. Government admitted that similar grenade attacks happened in Gonder a day before the attack on Entasol Hotel. It also made references to grenade attack on Bahir Dar City on Grand Resort Hotel which was not reported about until the grenade attack in Gonder.

It is only yesterday that state media reported about the grenade attack in Gonder while the incident happened on Tuesday.

Social media sources claim that government already randomly arrested youth in Kebele 18 of Gonder city.

Victims from Entasol hotel attack are guests,according to government report, who were being served in the hotel and were entertaining when the attack happened.

The attackers are not yet identified but government calls the attackers terrorists, a description that it used even for peaceful protesters over the past several months.

But the narrative from the “terrorists” is different. There is resentment both in Bahir Dar and Gonder cities that the regime left hundreds of mothers in grief after it killed innocent youth in those cities and they think it is dehumanizing, tradition has it, to dance and entertain while people are in grief.

In a related development, secrete agents and informants who are believed to work for the regime are reportedly killed in Gonder, according to social media sources ; government media didn’t report about it,however. There has been an intensive crackdown in Gonder since the declaration of the state of emergency at the beginning of October of last year. And hundreds and thousands are believed to be detained as a result of the crackdown. Situation in Gonder is still tense and it is militarized zone.


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