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Ethiopia : Grenade attack on a hotel in Gonder

January 10,2017

Gonder , Ethiopia
Gonder , Ethiopia

Trouble still haunting Ethiopia. Ethiopian activists in social media with sources from Gonder reported grenade attacked rocked Entasal hotel   in Kebele 18 of Gonder.

Bete Amhara movement and Ethiopian Satellite Television confirmed  have the news.

The attack happened this evening around 8 p.m local time. At least one person is reported dead and four others injured during the attack. The attackers are not identified yet and no responsibility is claimed.
Government media outlets did not say a word about it at this writing.

Gondar has been the center of resistance against repression from the regime for many months now following indiscriminate killings by government snipers since the month of July, at least.

In the past few days, there was a report that government mounted fresh crackdown on youth both in urban centers and countryside of Gonder region. It is to be recalled that there was another reported bomb incident in Bahir Dar sometime last week.

In a related development, government reportedly deployed military reinforcement to Gonder. This was for,at least, the third time since prime minister ordered deployment of armed forces to Gonder in August. It was days after deployment of military reinforcements that the arrest of hundreds of youths from the region was reported.

People in the region -including vulnerable sections of the population like children, elders and women-endured unprecedented repression after state of emergency was declared sometime in early October. And the region has been under repeated communication blackout.

The movement in Gonder,which later spread to the rest of Amhara region, started as a struggle to defend elected Wolqaite Committe members whom the government in Ethiopia wanted to arrest simply for pursuing the identity of question of Wolkait in line with the constitution of Ethiopia.

Wolqait used to be part of Gonder for many centuries until the ruling Tigray peopole’s Liberation Front incorporated it to Tigray region – a move many analysts tend to see in light of TPLF’s Tigray Republic agenda.


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