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How “modernity” is making Ethiopian elders vulnerable [Must Watch]

January 5,2017

Source : From Christian Science Monitor YouTube Channnel

The above video is a report by Moika Rebala, for Christian Science Monitor, from Dire Dawa. With “modernity” changing and challenging traditional safety net social institutions, elders are impacted negatively and becoming more vulnerable.

In a society that was deeply collective, solitude has become a way of live for many – and the most affected section of the society is the aged.

It looks as if the more the society is getting into individualistic life style, the more commitment to society (and what is a country?) which erstwhile used to be the hallmarks of collective society is collapsing. No noticeable efforts are observed to counter the trend. It is even questionable if it is an issue for government and for the section of the society that can influence social change, in this case by way of creating awareness to fiercely defend social values that were cherished in Ethiopia.
In the Video, the reporter seem to have observed that in urban centers in Ethiopia “traditional systems to care for seniors are being dismantled as the young prove unwilling or unable to take their elders in”

With that, Western-style group living seem to be gradually taking root in Ethiopia. Do you think this would ultimately be a solution? Desirable? And how many more are left behind and in the streets? Is it really desirable to abandon the traditional way of social safety net?



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