Reported bomb attack on Grand Resort Hotel in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

January 4, 2017

Grand Resort Hotel, Bahir Dar  Source : Ethiopian Observer
Grand Resort Hotel, Bahir Dar
Source : Ethiopian Observer

Bomb exloded at the Grand Resort Hotel in Bahir Dar, one of the best tourist city in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Satelite Television (ESAT) cited eye witnesses for the report but the report did not have details regarding causality and extent of the damage to the hotel. Identity and motive of the attackers is not known either.

ESAT’s report added that the explosion happened around 8 pm local time.

The news is not confirmed from other sources yet.

A flyer was distributed in Bahir Dar City in opposition to planned music concert during Western New year. The reason for the opposition was that residents, reportedly, were of the view that the city did not recover from massacre by government forces in the months of July and August that shocked the entire Ethiopia and left many mothers in Bahir Dar with grief. Many mothers are still mourning their children who were killed by government snipers. [adToAppearHere]
ESAT’ report added that government authorities, they are not named, were in the hotel during the time of bomb explosion but none of them are injured.

Grand resort hotel is owned by Tiliksew Gedamu whose wealth is mysterious for many. She was a teacher,not to long ago, before she turned out to be one of the few millionaires in the country. Recent report by Ethiopian Observer claims that she owns hotels in other parts of Ethiopia as well. According to the report, she owns hotels in Debre Markos -which is a few hours of drive from Bahir Dar- , Awssa -resort city in South Ethiopia- , and Gambella, capital of Gambela regional regional state in South West Ethiopia. Her fortune is allegedly linked to the ethnic based kleptocracy of Tigray People’s Liberation Front government and their cliques within Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM).

Tiliksew Gedamu , owner of Grand Resort Hotel Source : Ethiopian Observer
Tiliksew Gedamu , owner of Grand Resort Hotel
Source : Ethiopian Observer

This same week, members of “Command Post”, which is designated executive body of the state of emergency which is declared in Ethiopia since the beginning of October, shot dead a resident in Bahir Dar who is identified as Ismael Ahmed, a father of four, right in front of his spouse and children.

In the last three or four years, Bahir Dar City endured too many killings of civilians -mostly by regime forces.


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