ESAT DC Daily News : Fighting between Benshangul freedom Mov.t and Government

January 2,2017


Today’s edition of ESAT DC Daily News covered the following topics :

-Fighting between government Soldiers and Benshangul Freedom movement. Twenty government forces killed claims leader of the movement Abdula Aladi.
-Federal court unable to pass verdict on the case of of Zone 9 bloggers
-Funeral ceremony of Shambel Mirutse Yifter held at Menbere Tsebaot Selassie Church in the presence of athletes and other dignitaries. It was a state funeral with full military March.
-Ethiopian Athletes won marathon races in men and women category in a competition organized in China.
-South Sudanese government sending government envoy to Gambella, Ethiopia, to reach out to South Sudanese who are living in Gambella region as refugees. South Sudanese rebel forces, whose leader Rich Machar is in South Africa, opposed the move.

Video : Embedded from ESAT YouTube channel
Cover Photo: Screenshot from ESAT Video

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