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Eyob Mekonnen ‘s new album to be released tomorrow : VOA Amharic

January 2,2017


Then already a rising star in Ethiopian Music, Eyob Mekonnen died a three years ago. His new album will be released tomorrow posthumously and will be in the market. Proceeds from the the album is for Eyob’s family, according to Yisaqal entertainment.

Eyob gone to soon only at the age of thirty eight to the shock of his fans in Ethiopia and Ethiopians abroad. Yet, considerable number of Ethiopians seem to get to know his sensible works after he passed away.

He is known among his fans with his “Endeqal” work and had one album during his life time.

Yisaqal Entertainment, worked with Eyob during his life time as manager, collected the works of Eyob to release new album. It is meant to be a tribute to Eyob, apparently. The news already inundated social media and the response to it seem to be quite positive.

As much as his sensational and meaningful songs, his fans fondly speak of him with admiration in relation to character. Many call him, “real.”

Asked to describe Eyob Mekonen in three words, manager of Yisaqal Entertainment – Eyob Alemayehu -described him as “open,truthful and respectful to others.”

The new album is mostly reggae and there is a song in somali language.

Audio credit : Voice of America Amharic Service.




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