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Reported protest at Wollo University in North Central Ethiopia

December 31,2016

Wollo University with campuses in Dessie and Kombolcha in North Central Ethiopia reportedly experienced student protest earlier today, according to Social Media reports with links from Dessie.

Apparently, students’ protest started out as protest against the University administration on grounds of water shortage in the campus but was evolved to a political one according to the report.

At this writing, the protest is dispersed by government special forces based in the town of Dessie. They allegedly entered the University campus to disperse the students’ protest but students reportedly retreated to their dormitories. No reports of arrest or causality at this point in time. State of emergency declared in all over Ethiopia last October is still in effect.

Dessie was one of the cities where the ruling TPLF/EPRDF forces met fiercest resistance on their way to power in Addis Ababa. Quite a number of youngsters were killed in the town at the time. In its entire history as government, the regime won no election in Dessie but last one. Dessie was recently active during Dimtsachin Yisema protest of the Ethiopian Muslim. A Muslim by the name Sheh Nuru who allegedly work for government was gunned down in what what many claim to be was a plot by the regime in power. As well, Dessie (click here) was active during Unity for Democracy and Justice campaign sometime in 2014.

Change in the composition of dwellers in the city coupled with economic and social war wagged by the regime on the people of Dessie, the once strong opposition to the ruling party seem to have withered away or at least safe to say that there is deafening silence. Ironically, there is still strong appetite for change. Yet, whenever there a meeting called by authorities of the regime in power, residents vocally speak out against the regime on themes like maladministration and corruption, among other things.

More details will follow as information becomes available. Stay tuned.


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