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“Revisiting the state of emergency” : T&T

December 26,2016

Tewodros Tsegaye and Tamrat Negera are joined by Henok Yemane, who is introduced by the host as New York State University post graduate philosophy student.

In this edition, they are discussing the state of emergency and its shot term and long terms impacts.

The regime in power claimed that the state of emergency “restored peace and order” in Ethiopia. One of the questions that this edition deals with is whether the state of emergency was a success or not? What is your take on the impacts of the state of emergency? Is it possible to say that the regime survived the popular protest?
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  1. በጣም የምትገርሙ ለካ ዝም ብዬ ነበር በፅሁፋችሁና ላይ ላዩን ናችሁ ፡፡ መንገስትን እንዲህ ስታብጠለጥሉና ስታወርዱት ምነዋ ጎነደር ላይ የትግራይ ህዝቦችን የዘር ማፅዳቱን ለምን ዘለላችሁት ? በናንተ አፈርኩኝ …ሌላ ቃል የለኝም ፤


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