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34 Ethiopians Deported from Mozambique

December 26,2016

Condensed google map of Mozambique
Condensed google map of Mozambique

Mozambique reportedly deported 34 Ethiopians. They were believed to have entered Mozambique from its Northern border in the province of Cabo Delago, according to report by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

Seemingly, Ethiopians were arrested in the city of Pemba before deportation – suggests the report by NAN. They were caught when a lorry they were on run into accident when it collided with another lorry. The report added that seven migrants were killed during accident.

From NAN report it took about five months for Ethiopians before they find themselves where they were detained in Mozambique after they left Awassa, a town in Southern Ethiopia.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) is involved in the coordination of deportation of Ethiopian migrants.



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