Oromo Media Network belongs to an individual, says an Oromo Harvard Student

December 25,2016

Video credit : Social Media

Oromo Media Network belongs to an individual and it does not reflect Oromo values, says an Oromo speaking Harvard Student – Chala Alemu. ESAT should be supported, he added. Find out more from the video above.

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One Response to "Oromo Media Network belongs to an individual, says an Oromo Harvard Student"

  1. Yifru Hailu   June 30, 2020 at 8:15 pm

    Needless to say that I am saddened by the death of this misguided and ill informed fellow Ethiopian Hachalu Hundessa. In his recent interview with OMN he made many disparaging, insulting and unfounded comments about Emperor Menelik II that didn’t go down well with millions of Ethiopians. As a free man in a free and democratic country he had every right to express his point of view. Nevertheless, we are all saddened by his untimely death.

    It is very likely that The Bandas known as TPLF are behind this heinous act. They’re good in masterminding and creating turmoil, discourse and division among peaceful citizens.Their aim is to create chaos and unrest in Ethiopia and in the process to regain the fore gone power and glory they once enjoyed.That will only remain a nightmare but not even a dream.


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