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Health : Na-Nose , device to detect disease through breath developed

December 24,2016

Na-Nose is a new device developed to detect disease before they turn out to be detrimental to the person’s health.
According to report by RT, the device can detect about 17 different diseases and the accuracy rate is about 86 percent. The technology is developed in Israel.

What is the science behind it?

Hossam Haick, a professor in the chemical engineering department and the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at the Technion, Israel, and lead researcher of the project is quoted by RT as saying “Just as each of us has a unique fingerprint that distinguishes us from others, each disease has a chemical signature that distinguishes it from other diseases and from a normal state of health.”

“We let it smell a given disease but instead of a nose we use chemical sensors, and instead of the brain we use the algorithms. Then in the future, it can recognize the disease as a dog might recognize a scent,” added Professor Hossam Haick, as cited by RT.

Among others, eight different types of cancer, kideny failure,ulcerative colitis,Irritable bowel Syndorme,Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis could be detected by breath samples.

The device will be available in the market in as little as five years for as low as $30.

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