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Poll by Bloomberg suggests US sanction over Russia could ease over the next 12 months

December 21,2016

A survey conducted by Bloomberg suggests United States will start easing economic sanctions on Russia over the next twelve months.

55 percent of the total respondents believe that way. According to Bloomberg, the figure was only 10 percent in a poll conducted in October. Read more on Bloomberg

The sanction was imposed in 2014 over the politics in Ukraine including the referendum in Crimea to rejoin the Russian Federation. Based on the result of the referendum, Crimea joined Russian Federation which the western world interpreted as annexation.

In addition to the US, the European Union imposed economic sanction on Russia on similar grounds. This week European Union extended the sanction for additional six months time. There seem to be anticipation that the EU might not extend the sanction again.

President Vladimir Putin is quoted by RT as saying “All these restrictions in the economic and political spheres drive apart states, and prevent us from joining forces in combating a common evil – terrorism” during a meeting with Russia’s top legislators today.

It is to be recalled that Russia imposed economic sanctions on the United States and the European Union in response to the sanctions imposed on Russia.


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