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Stanford forum to dwell on Ethiopian crisis

December 20,2016

A unique summit under the theme “Ethiopia in Crisis” will gather academics, activists and political party leaders at the Stanford University campus in California from January 21 to 22, 2017 to look into ways of effecting changes.

“In response to this crisis, the Ethiopian-American Council (EAC) is planning a forum wherein concerned advocates can address the fundamental issues confronting the people and exiles of a proud, ancient nation now in the throes of fighting for the existence of a free populace under the cruel rule of the EPRDF,” said a statement by the Ethiopian American Council, which has taken the initiative along with other stakeholders.

EAC said it “hopes that some guidelines can be established to help the U.S.A., other nations, particularly in the European Union, and political entities worldwide, to address the many social and political problems being thrust upon the people of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian diaspora, and even Ethiopian-Americans.”

The council underlined that the gathering of concerned voices local and global voices will spur the effort to chart out a new path for a terror-free, peaceful, secure, and truly democratic future for all Ethiopian peoples.

Scholars, activists, representatives of political and rights groups, as well as media executives, will address the gathering on range of issues pertaining to the crises in Ethiopia, its aftermath and the way out of the turmoil.



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