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Ethiopia : State of emergency command post arrested its own special force commander

December 12,2016

Rebel forces in the North Source : Maedote
Rebel forces in the North
Source : Maedote

Breaking news update on social media from Gonder Hibret, which cited sources in Ethiopia, reported that state of emergency “command post” arrested special forces commander in North Gonder today.

Ethiopian Satellite Television confirmed the news in its “leading news” coverage. Detailed report is pending.

The arrested commander was in charge of North Gonder Zone special forces which is under Amhara regional state and he was also member of the “command post,” according to the report. The commandeer is identified as Wagnew Ezezew.

“Command Post” – is the body that is instituted under state of emergency legislation to preside over the state of emergency which was declared at the beginning of October 2016 at the height of widespread popular protest in Ethiopia .

There are unconfirmed reports that he was in a hideout although it is not known why he was in a hideout. However, there are speculations that it could be related to the ongoing armed resistance in North Gonder region.

For the past two weeks, there has been a battle between government forces deployed in the region after the outbreak of popular movement and local residents who organized themselves under strings of volunteers across the region to resist campaign to disarm legally owned arms. At least 29 government forces were killed and well over 50 wounded as a result of these military confrontations.

Assertions from people who claim to have close links in the region point out that local people in the region are pushed to the point of do or die situation after government planned genocide like operations in North Gonder region. Elders,children and women have been targeted and killed in the region,according to these sources.

Credible reports emerged last week that Tigray People Liberation Front government burned houses and harvests of local residents in what seem to be retaliatory measures for the deaths of soldiers.

check back for more update on the arrest of the commander.

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