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Ethiopia : Report on the question of Wolkait [Audio-Amharic]

December 12,2016

(Amharic audio. Source -VOA Amharic)

In this report on the issue of Wolkait, Voice of America Amharic Service journalist – Tsion Girma – spoke to Aderajew Wagnewu who was member of Wolkait committee and who happens to be in the United States currrently.

Aderajew says he narrowly escaped to the US when the regime in power was hunting members of Wolkait question committee.
It is to be recalled that Colonel Demeke Zewdu, who was the elected leader of the committee, is on custody after he fought,literally, back with security forces who came to kill him during night time.

New Federal communication minister,Dr. Negeri Lencho, responded when he spoke to VOA this week that the issue of Wolqaite is to be pursued at regional state level – primarily Tigray regional state. Then members of Wolqaite committee could produce evidence that they tried to resolve the matter at regional level and was not a success before it is escalated to Federal level of government. Clearly, his response is not sincere.

Aderajew Wagnew asserts that it is completely wrong for the Federal government to refer the question of Wolkait back to the Tigray region. Because, says Aderajew, the wolqait committee started the identity question by submitting formal demand to Tigray regional state president – Abbay Woldu.

From what he says, the regional government responded to the identity demand negatively and it is on record that the president announced the decision during a television appearance.

It is after rejection of the question by the regional state that members of Wolqait question committee decided to pursue the matter at the Federal level , in the House of Federation. Nothing positive came out of the House of Federation either.

Finally, Wolqaite question caused uprising across Amhara region and hundreds of young people paid in live. The issue could continue to cause much damage. Politicicans, opinion leaders, activists and majority of people in Ethiopia even outside of what is now called Amhara region know and believe that Wolqaite was part of Gonder before this government forcefully incorporated it to Tigray. Aderajewu criticize Amhara regional state for not acting on Wolqait question during recent cabinet change in the region.



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