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Ethiopia : brave Gonder not bowing despite all the challenges

December 9,2016

It has been weeks, if not months, since resistance to what many say is genocide by the regime in power in Gonder entered a whole new level. Residents in Armachiho, Methema and other parts of Northern Gonder have organized themselves under the leadership of volunteer group leaders known in Ethiopian history as “Gobez Aleqa”

Video Credit : Social Media

In the past, the traditional system was employed during the struggle to maintain the independence of Ethiopia from threats and subsequent period of occupation by Fascist Italy.

“Aleqa” could literally translate to “boss” but the context is entirely different as it implies comradeship and equality. And “Gobez” sounds,literally, clever but it implies bravery. The system of Gobez Aleqa is based on one among equally capable group of men with a role for organizing,coordinating and leading the resistance. No hierarchical power relation seem to be exist within the group.

In the past two weeks alone, these groups engaged regime army deployed in Northern Gonder and have reportedly killed well over fifty soldiers. Furthermore, they’ve captured weapons and ammunition they need very much including machine gun.

The video above is apparently in Armachiho. They are mourning the loss of one of their brave son who fell as martyr during engagement against regime forces.

What seem to be very striking about the grief tradition in the region is that grief does not have the power to break spirit within the family and within the community as well. It rather seem to be an occasion to celebrate the life and bravery of the deceased and lift up the spirit of those who are alive. One poetic maxim shared on social media captures the very sentiment used to lift up spirit during resistance.

ፈሪ ተራራ ነው ዘላለም ይኖራል፥
ጀግና ብርሌ ነው ቶሎ ይሰበራል፥

Roughly translates as follows

Like mountain, a coward lives forever
Fragility is for the brave to go sooner



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