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Ethiopia : North Gonder turning into a war zone

December 06,2016

Regime military forces Source : Social Media
Regime military forces
Source : Social Media

Perhaps you have heard a lot about restoration of “peace and order” in Ethiopia after the state of emergency which is now about two months old. But there are, obviously, things that you will never hear about if you entirely depend on state controlled media and its affiliates both in the country or abroad for news/information within Ethiopia.

Based on information from people in the area – which ends up in social media in different forms – and from Ethiopian Satellite Television report, North Western Ethiopia, particularly North Gonder, is fast becoming a war zone. For nearly two weeks in a row, there has been intense fighting between regime forces and residents in the region.

For residents, the war is something unavoidable. Ruling party deployed armed forces in the region with intent to disarm legally owned guns of individuals and to intensify what many say is a genocide like measure against peasants in the region. Worse, the regime chose to launch the offensive in harvesting time to deliberately wreck much havoc on peasants and starve them to death.

Despite all the measures above, farmers opted for fighting back forces of the regime rather than handing over their gun and allow the regime to humiliate them inhumanly.

They have organized themselves in chains of resistances cells spread across the region and they call themselves as “Kefagne”.

They claim victory in the confrontation this week. According to people who spoke to ESAT on the phone from the region, regime forces suffered heavy defeat.

In the district of Dabat, Ahire Janora area, at least 29 government soldiers are reported dead and about 15 are wounded. In the locality of Kezkazit, regime forces have suffered similar losses. Military commanders are reportedly killed.

In Wogera,Ankash area, four members of “anti-terrorist” forces are killed. From the side of peasant rebels, three of them are reported killed.

As well, members of kefage forces cliamed that they seized machine guns and AK 47 rifles from government forces. Thought no exact number, members of the regime’s defense force are deserting to fight against the regime.

With the regime reportedly mobilizing and moving heavy weaponry to the region for a retaliatory measure, concern about TPLF led genocide in the area is high. With the current level of mobilization, undoubtedly the region is going to be a war zone for months at least, if not years.

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