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Ethiopia : Interview on Era of the Princess and Emperror Tewodros II (SBS Amharic)

December 4,2016

The period known in the history on Ethiopia as “Era of Princes” ( translated as Zemene Mesafint in Amharic) signifies a period during which the power of the emperor was weakened and regional lords were contending to assume overlordship. The Period started after Sehul Mikael of Tigray assassinated Emperor Iyoas in Gonder. Kassahun Seboka of SBS Amharic interviewed Professor Shiferaw Bekele, prominent researcher of history with specialization in he period.

In the second part of the interview, Dr. Assefa Balcha talks about Kassa Hailu of Quara,Gonder and his rise to power as Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia.

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