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Residents say torture,imprisonment and fear prevail in Ethiopia

December 2,2016

Audio credit : VOA Amhaic

For outsiders,situation is Ethiopia seem calm after months of popular protest country wide. The regime in Ethiopia on its part claims that “peace” is restored. But it is a different story for Ethiopians who live in the country. Nearly two months after the state of emergency which granted security forces authority to take “appropriate measure” against whomever they think is at fault, thousands of Ethiopians are arrested in detention camps. Partly that is what brought about unease and fear across Ethiopia. There has been report in recent past that people were even robbed of properties by security forces who enter to any house at will. Some are robbed cash. Others valuables including cell phones. Amhara, Oromoia and Konso regions of Ethiopia witnessed worst forms of repression. In Konso, Southern Ethiopia, even a new mother is said to be burned alive with her infant. Amhara region is already a militarized zone after the prime minister ordered deployment of the armed forces.

Voice of America Amharic spoke to on the phone to Ethiopians in different parts of the country ( check Amharic audio above). They say that torture,fear,imprisonment,hopelessness,despair and uncertainty prevails. They all spoke anonymously for fear of reprisals from government.


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