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Ethiopians organizing memorial service in Addis Ababa to venerate Fidel Castro

November 28,2016

Fidel es Fidel film , from YouTube (watch around the 12th minutes)

Ethio-Cuba Friendship Association in Addis Ababa is organizing service to commemorate and venerate the late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, reported VOA Amharic from Addis Ababa.

Chairman of the association, Yibrah Mehari, is coordinating the event. He was one of the 5000 Ethiopians who went to Cuba for studies in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Under the leadership of Fidel, Cuba offered scholarship to Ethiopian children who were orphaned by the war in northern Ethiopia.

Yibrah is an architect by profession. He studied in Cuba for fourteen years. He fondly and affectionately remembers Fidel. “we have a special love for Fidel. He used to come to school to encourage us to study hard. he gave us true love”, said Yibrah.

The event will take place at Ethio-Cuba friendship park, near Tikur Ambessa hospital in the capital Addis Ababa.

A school in one of Cuban province is named after Karamara, a place in South Eastern Ethiopia where Ethiopian and Cuban soldiers valorously fought against invading Somali army. Cuban soldiers paid in life during the war.

“We have organized the event to express solidarity with the people of Cuba and venerate the late Fidel Castro”, said the coordinator, Yibrah Mehari.

In recognition of Cuba’s immense contribution for Africa, the organizers have invited Ambassadors from African countries to attend the event in Addis Ababa. They have also invited Ambassadors from Latin American countries.
Cuban Ambassador to Ethiopia will attend the event next Sunday. As well, the ministry of foreign affairs of Ethiopia is invited to attend.

Below is a clip from VOA Amharic report.




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