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Ethiopia : “Fidel lived for others” says Dr. Mulualem Gessese tearfully [ with Audio]

November 29,2016

Dr. Mulualem served Ethiopia as a medical doctor for more than thirty years.She was one of the five thousand Ethiopians who were given scholarship in Cuba. Two of her siblings also studied in Cuba.

“Fidel never lived for himself. He lived for others” ,says Dr Mulualem Gessese, with a breaking voice and with tears.

In an effort to express her feelings, she added “Not just for Cubans, not just for Latin Americans, not just for Africans, he lived for the whole world. …If it was ever possible to allow someone to be born again with the same mind, I would allow only Fidel”

Other Ethiopians who studied in Cuba clearly share the feeling. They have, Mulualem added, his pictures in their wallets. And she has his picture even at home.

She is of the view that Cuba’s contribution to Ethiopian children is not talked about as much as it should. “We have been trained in medicine, economics and engineering have led a successful live while helping out our country. And we owe it to Cuba”, she added.

Dr. Zenebe Gedle also fondly remembers his times in Cuba and strong sense of friendship between Cubans and Ethiopians

Ethio-Cuba Friendship Association has organized a memorial service to venerate Fidel. But What Ethiopians who studied in Cuba want is for Cubans to know that Ethiopians have special affection and deep gratitude for Cuba.

The following audio clip is VOA’s interview with Dr. Mulualem and Dr. Zenebe

Audio Credit : VOA Amharic Service





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