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Ethiopia : ESAT interview with Colonel Abebe Geresu


November 29,2016

In this interview, Colonel Abebe Geresu shared humorous but true story about military officers in Ethiopia. General Kenfe Dagne, a certain TPLF officer in the Air Force, insisted the wing of a MIG21 jet should be extended. This was after MIG came down during training session. Wings of two MIG21 were removed so as to extend the wings of other MIG21. General Kinfe is now reportedly one of the wealthiest TPLF folks in Ethiopia.

Bacha Debele started is one of the military generals in this regime. But he did not evolve through the various stages of military ranks. Abebe Geresu also shared information about General Seare and General Wodi Ashebir. They military rank has got a story too.




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