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Ethiopia : Is TPLF planning to arrest Gedu Andargachew?


November 28,2016

Political steps of Tigray People’s Liberation Front could be inferred from varieties of sources including from propaganda in state media. But Tigray Online, an online ultra-TPLF mouth piece, is not like any other sources. Even articles that seem to be from individuals could actually be, among other things, a reflection of TPLF political measures that are about to happen.

In an article entitled “Gedu Andargachew: A fifth column on the loose,” a certain Berhane Kahsay makes a case for purging Gedu Andargachew and putting him behind bars. It generated a fairly good deal of reactions from other ultra-TPLFites and most of the reactions supported the case against Gedu Andargachewu. Sometime in recent past, there was rumor about TPLF wanting to assassinate Gedu Andargachewu. In fact, Ethiopian Satellite Television reported about it.

Demeke Mekonen himself, who is now deputy prime minister and chair of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), is implicated in protecting Gedu Andargachew from being purged and put behind bars. Demeke is in fact seen in different light among people who seem to have insider information about ANDM party; he is seen as very lenient politician with appetite to unreservedly serve TPLF.

Why do the ultra-TPLFites target Gedu Andargachew?

The article lists about twelve points against Gedu Andargachew. Overall, the ultra-right TPLF group seem to think that the protest in Amhara region has a lot to do with the work of Gedu Andargachew and that Gedu instigated attack against Tigrians in Amhara region. The accusation is extended to members of ANDM: “Tigrians have been humiliated and subjected to the most unspeakable crimes by ANDM members including Gude and leader of the party.”

What is the truth in that regard? The issue of displacement of Tigrians from Amhara region was proved to be, thanks for investigative report by Wazema Radio, a melodramatic political orchestration ,by Tigray regional government. The motive could,possibly, be to launch attack on Amhara and make sure possible armed insurgency is dismantled proactively. The region has been militarized for a long time now and insurgent movements are testing the military muscle of the regime – which has turned out to be a matter of concern.

Another major allegation in the article is that Gedu Andargachewu “failed to protect his party and his administration from being infiltrated by G-7 operatives on the payroll of external adversaries’ intent on destroying the Horn nation.” The popular movement itself, which was across Ethiopia for that matter, is now being seen as a work of Ginbot 7.

To paint the popular movement for change in a way to make it appear a collaborative work of Ginbot 7 and the regional government (ANDM) is simply untenable as the regime itself had admitted that government failed the people.

As stated above, it is unlikely for the call to purge and arrest Gedu Andargachuew to be just an individual’s view. Perhaps, that is what TPLF is planning. But it is questionable,at least, if it will happen. Increasing assertiveness within ANDM with the aim to put an end to unregulated and chauvinist power of TPLF, which is actually a minority in the coalition, ANDM membership could react furiously if TPLF moves with the plan to attack Gedu,”legally” or otherwise.

TPLF is aware of that and seem to be thinking in terms of using Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), another member of the ruling coalition with majority constituency, as a playing card against ANDM. TPLD seem to have temporarily managed to control resentment within OPDO and positioned Workeneh Gebeyehu, loyal TPLFite who used to be high ranking officer within the intelligence and security apparatus, as president of OPDO.


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  1. Purging Gedu is a declaration of war on Amhara which both Tigrians and Eritreans have for long preached to be thier enemy. But that will open the Pandora box — we demand proportional represenation and job opportunity (from cleaners through top government jobs as well as in the ownership of construction companies, among so many others.


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