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ESAT Bezih Samint with Derese Getachew, Semahegne Gashu and Fekade Sewakena

November 27,2016

In this edition of ESAT Bezih Samint, Sisay Agena discussed current affairs with Fekade Shewakena, Deresse Getachew and Semahegne Gashu.

The discussion focuses on recurring controversy and fighting between political forces within the opposition quarter.

Highlighting the struggle in Ethiopia over the last one year and the sense of solidarity that emerged out of the struggle in different parts of Ethiopia, primarily among the youth in Amhara and Oromia regions, Sisay Agena raised the trend that rather seem to emphasize division. This happened, says Sisay, after Oromo leaders conference in London. The division seem to be taking root and there was a bigger “Oromo leaders convention” in Atlanata, Goergia. He seem to be after finding out as to what the problem is within opposition forces?

Desresse Getachew, one of the discussants, seem to think that divergence, even controversy, in the interpretation of Ethiopian history is one of the key problems. He admits that the interpretations are shallow and in most cases informed by political interest rather than rational and empirical researches based on analysis of historical evidences.

What do the rest of the discussants think on this matter? Does it makes sense to you? Do you feel like an important question and/or perspective is missing in the discussion?

Share your thoughts and comment below.




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