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” Fidel is like my second father” Former soccer star Maradona


November 26,2016

At the age of 90, it is hardly possible to say that the death of beloved revolutionary leader Fidel Castro is totally unexpected. But it still feels shocking.

Fidel was ready for it. He made his last appearance in the party congress in April 2016. In his last words during the conference, Fidel said “..soon I will be like everybody else, everybody will get their turn but the ideas of Cuba’s communism will remain.”

His struggle is not over but he passed away after paving the way for others to continue the struggle. Affectionate reaction from across the world is inundating social media and news of his death dominated international media -even in the part of the world where he is depicted as “dictator.”

Of course, reactions to news of Fidel’s death are mixed and the answer you get possibly depends on who you talk to. However, it really hard to speak to rational and informed people and get negative reactions about Fidel.

That aside, there is a very social element to reactions to Fidel’s death. Perhaps Maradona is an epitome of it.

Maradona spent about four years of his life in Cuba dealing with drug issues. When he was criticized and nearly rejected by the world, his solace came from Fidel Castro.

Former soccer star, Maradona was ready to Davis Cup final between Croatia and Argentina in Zagreb, but not to sad news someone whom he calls “my second father.”

He received phone call from Buenos Aires. From what Cuba Debate published in Spanish, Maradona cried when he heard news of Fidel’s death.

Fidel used to call Maradona at 2 o’clock in the morning and talk about topic. Whenever there is an event Fidel calls Maradona to see if Maradona wants to go.

After Davis cup, Maradona is travelling to Havana to pay his respect and visit Raul and Fidel’s children. Watching the politicized celebrations of Fidel’s death, mainly from Miami-apparently, Maradona is saddened and calls it “really disgusting.” What Fidel did was that he fought for his people, says Maradona.

Spanish version of Maradon’s reaction on the death of Fidel Castro is available here

Fidel’s remains was cremated earlier today. Funeral is scheduled for December 4 and Cuba is on a nine days National mourning.

From borkena team, Fidel – true friend of the people and champion of freedom, May you rest in peace!



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