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Breaking News : Cuba’s Long Revolutionary Leader, Fidel Castro,dies aged 90


November 26,2016
Updated on November 27,2016

Fidel Castro  Source : Daily Telegraph
Fidel Castro
Source : Daily Telegraph

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s Long time revolutionary leaders died, RT reported citing Cuba’s state media. Fidel led revolutionary army which toppled president Fulgencio Batista in 1959.

President Raul Castro, also brother of Fidel Castro, appeared on state television to announce the death of Fidel Castro and graciously announced that Fidel passed away around 19:00 local time on the 25th of November. His remains are to be cremated in the early hours of Saturday as per the wishes of Fidel.

Fidel served Cuba selflessly and courageously for nearly half a century. He retired eight years ago after undergoing treatment for intestinal problems. After retirement, Fidel shared his reflections and wrote numerous commentaries on a range of issues on Cuba’s major news papers.

Fidel is affectionately loved not just by Cubans but also revolutionaries the world over. Fidel appeared in the party congress in April 2016 for the last time and told congress “…ideals of Cuban Communism will live on”

Since the news of Fidel broke out, leaders from around the world paid tribute to Fidel. What stands out from all the tributes is that, the revolutionary leader stood firm in difficult and his contribution to make the world a better place is exemplary.

State funeral is scheduled for December 4,2016




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