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Ethiopian Democratic Party says Ethiopia faces existential threat [Audio]

November 25,2016

During its general party congress yesterday, Ledetu Ayalewu, leader of Ethiopian Democratic Party, says government is not exploiting what he calls relative peace restored after deceleration of state of emergency.

He accuses authorities in the ruling party of being out of touch with political reality in Ethiopia. In stead of responding to public demands, he described it as demand for more rights, that caused the crisis, government is engaged in practices that aggravate the problem by restricting people’s right rather than solving the problem.

Ledetu went to the extent of asserting that Ethiopia is facing existential threats and could be disintegrated ,unless the course is reversed, which he says is not in the interest of even the ruling party.

His party envisions the formation of “strong opposition” and expressed interest to discuss with other opposition parties within the country on any issues including political merger.

Ethiopians seem to be noticeably weary when it comes to Ethiopian Democratic Party leader Ledetu Ayalew ; they do not just take him seriously but they seem to think that he is working for the ruling party.

The view is informed by political experience during the 2005 election which resulted in the death of at least 200 civilians in Addis Ababa alone due to forceful measures taken by the ruling Tigray’s people’s Liberation Front. When leaders of Kinijit opposition party,which actually won the general election at the time, were thrown to jail for more than two years, Ledetu Ayalew was a “free man”. He even made what turned out to be offensive political remarks regarding the opposition insinuating that opposition leaders were their own worst enemies.

However, the mystery was, as many Ethiopians believe, that he betrayed the struggle of the opposition party and he is accused of working for the regime rather. Apart from being a hated politician, he became a content for satire for a long time for denoting betrayal. At one point, a sliding cell phone device was named Ledetu in Addis Ababa to echo the view that it is hard to find Ledetu where he is politically in terms of principle and could slide away.

Ledetu, however, contends all that allegations and thinks that he is a victim of character assassination.

Audio credit : VOA Amharic


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