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Ethiopia : “I am alive” – says rebel commander in a facebook update

November 24,2016

Gebrye Yegayntu
Gebrye Yegayntu

For most part of the day, updates on the alleged death of senior level rebel commander, major Mesafint Tigabu, inundated Ethiopians’ timelines on facebook.

He was reported dead in connection with what was said to be military engagement between rebel forces and the regime’s army yesterday in Abderafi, Armachiho area of Gonder in North West Ethiopia.

The news was reported by Ethiopian Satellite Television. And borkena reported about it citing Ethiopian Satellite Television as a source.

As it turns out, a Facebook status update from the account of the commander himself, who is reported dead, claims that he is alive but some are theorizing about the possibility that his account could be used by someone else.

The Status update indicated that the misinformation is disseminated by regime forces. If that is true, blame could be on ESAT for not verifying their sources. His update which is written in Amharic translates to “First Woyane reported that I am kidnapped. Many were deceived by the misinformation. Then Woyane claimed that I am dead. I am alive and I leave the judgement for you as to why Woyane is doing all that.” The update also says that more information will be shared tomorrow.

To check out the facebook account, please click here

The commander was formerly a member of Ethiopian People Democratic Movement which was reduced, by the late Meles Zenawi’s party, to Ahmahra National Democratic Movement (ANDM) after a few years in power.

He deserted the regime in power when he was sent to Europe for education. Later he joined hands with forces that are struggling to topple the minority regime.

Before turning out to be commander of rebel forces in Eritrea, Mesafint lived in Luxmburg.

As mentioned above, this report is based on Facebook Status update of the commander who was reported dead earlier today and borkena can not confirm the authenticity of the update. More information will be shared as they become available.


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