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Ethiopia : what Gedu Andargachewu revealed about Wolqaite

November 22,2016

Popular movement in North Western Ethiopia -primarily Gonder and Gojam – was not entirely about restoring Wolqaite to Gondar again. But, arguably, the core issue in the popular demand was Wolqaite. The political circumstance under which Wolqaite was incorporated to Tigray, as per regime’s belated, and unacceptable, explanation suggests that it has something to do with the Federal regional arrangement which is based on ethnicity and language.

However, it is this same argument that the popular demands in North Western Ethiopia – what is now taking shape as an Amhara Resistance,resorting to armed struggle as the only viable option to end ceaseless systematic and unsystematic attack on Amhara, – use against TPLF. If regions are based on ethnicity, goes the argument, Wolqaite should in no way find itself as part of Tigray as it is distinctly Amhara.

Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), a political entity essentially manufactured and patronized by TPLF a little before take over of power in Addis Ababa, seem to have recognized the grave mistake it made when it comes to Wolqaite and seem to have the resolve to reverse the course.

As part of what the regime in power says is “indepth-renaissance”, it is meant to denote the process of fixing political malaise within the ruling party, ANDM is undertaking evaluation of what the party has done and what it seeks to do in the future.

It seems the case that ANDM stretched itself fairly well, but certainly not enough, to resist domination from Tigray People’s Liberation Front. Wolqaite is one the issues that is now controversial between TPLF and ANDM ; that is what Gedu Andargachew, president of Amhara regional state, revealed during ANDM meeting. He described it as “border issue.”

From what he said ( watch video above), an agreement is reached between Tigray and Amhara regions – on the “border issues.”

By virtue of dominance in the Federal structure, TPLF has a Federal playing card. If the settlement between the two regions is dictated by the federal government, it is likely to be in a way to protect the interest of Tigray over Wolqaite.

Perhaps, they will settle for making Wolqaite a special zone in a way for both ethnic groups to have their respective administration – which is not what the popular movement demanded. The demand is that Wolqaite was incorporated to Tigray out of TPLF belligerent stance with no historical or political ground to make it part of Tigray and should be restored to Gonder, Amhara region. ANDM deserves some credit for resisting TPLF domination but has to finish the job – at least on the issue of Wolqaite.

Some time last year, coverage by one of pro-TPLF media in the country depicted as if the population of Tigray is 22 million -which they dropped after reaction to it on social media. If TPLF managed to secure special zone status for Wolqaite, perhaps it is because it cooked demographic date to serve that purpose. And this is where ANDM should stand firm.


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