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Protest in Jimma University ; one Instructor is arrested [Audio – in Amharic]

November 21,2016

VOA Amharic Audio clip

Jimma University campus Source : Jimma University Website
Jimma University campus
Source : Jimma University Website

Students from Kito Furdisa campus of Jimma University, in South West Ethiopia, protested yesterday in the evening between 5-7 pm local time.

Students complained that security forces enter campus during night time to make arrests. Many students have been taken from campus ground since declaration of state of emergency and that their whereabouts is not known.

Voice of America Afan Oromo service journalist Jalene Gemeda spoke to students from Jimma University on the phone. They were apparently afraid of revealing their identity for fear of reprisal and spoke to Jalene on condition of anonymity, according to VOA Amharic news.


Students’ Dean of Kito Fardisa campus, Kemal Ture, confirmed that students put demands forward for the university administration – apparently regarding safety, release of their fellow students who were snatched from university campus during night time and whose whereabouts is not known. As well, students demanded for the withdrawal of what is called “command post” – a body that is implementing state of emergency regulations – from campus grounds.

Dr. Fikadu Assefa, instructor at Jimma University is arrested, according to VOA Amharic report. From remarks by student dean, Kemal Ture, it seems that the instructor was taken prisoner along with students.

Students aim at a week long strike to push for their demands.

It is to be recalled that regime in power claimed that number of people arrested across Ethiopia since the state of emergency is more than eleven thousand.

however, there seem to be discrepancy regarding the number. Some observers assert that number of unreported arrest is perhaps much more than the figure that the government has announced. Since the arrests were made mostly on grounds of exercise of freedom of expression and since the protest against government was across Ethiopia, and also in view of absolute power vested on “command post” to take “all necessary measures”,the claim that the number of arrests is higher makes sense.

Number of deaths since the state of emergency is entirely omitted and no words of speculation so far.


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