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Ethiopia : Ministers swept by “reform” measures appointed as ambassadors ; Redwan Hussien included


November 22,2016

Mulatu Teshome appointed eight Ambassadors this past week ; five of them used to be ministers before they were swept away, last month, from their positions during the state of emergency in what was meant to be a political reform.

Included in the new appointment are Redwan Hussien(was minister of youth and sports), Tsegaye Berhe (was security adviser to the the prime minister), Zenebu Tadesse (was minister of women and children), Tolossa Shag (was minister of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas ) and Taye Atskeselassie (was state minister of foreign affairs).

Redwan Hussain served as ministry of youth and sports for less than a year only. He used to be government communications affairs minister before the equally unpopular Getachew Reda took over his position.

The news is published by state media, Ethiopian broadcasting corporation, and ministry of foreign affairs websites.
Both did not say a word about the countries to which these ambassadors are appointed to and the news is presented in three short paragraphs with no detailed information. (See screenshot below) Awaraba Times, publisher that claims to be independent but many Ethiopians relate it to the regime in power, says that it received press statement – apparently from government. It does not shade light on the missing information either. Apparently, information is left out deliberately.

Screenshot from MOFA
Screenshot from MOFA

Analysts predict possible defection of newly appointed ambassadors to seek political asylum as the situation in Ethiopia is still unpredictable. Despite regime’s painting of an image of restoration of stability after months long country wide protest, information by citizen journalists and foreign based media suggests tension still exists in most parts of the country. Yesterday, for example,Jimma University Students in south West Ethiopia are protesting against arrest of students in the pretext of enforcing state of emergency regulations. Peasants in North Western Ethiopia are reportedly resorting to guerrilla warfare after outright militarized repressive response was imposed on them simply because they demanded constitutional rights.


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