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Horrendous family tragedy : How can that happen?

November 20,2016

Last week, exceptionally horrible family tragedy happened in Awassa. Kebreab Dawit who was a goal keeper for Awassa Kenema football club was burned to death with his two children after his house caught fire. How it happened is reportedly under investigation – only if the investigation is accurate enough to establish the cause.


His wife was in hospital with reported non-life threatening wound and there was anticipation that she would survive but didn’t happen; she passed away.

More tragic about the tragedy is that the suspect is apparently the wife of Kebreab. The theory seem to be informed by circumstantial evidence.Their marriage lived turmoil and there was even a court case according to Tadias Addis report.

If it is indeed the work of the wife, undoubtedly something has terribly gone wrong about “transformation” of the Ethiopian society. The tragic incident is something that defies the notion of motherhood as we know it in Ethiopia. If proven, perhaps it could be the first familicide by Ethiopian mother or was there something like this before? A corrupt system, in all its forms, is leading Ethiopia down the path of unprecedented moral decay. That is partly why the notion of “development” makes no sense.


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