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Amhara Resistance fighters message

November 21,2016


It is to be recalled that Amhara Resistance movement fighters released a video this week. In this second part video message, leader of the fighters sends stern warning to those who tend to put on religious veil while serving a political purpose that is in the interest of the ruling party – Tigray Peoples Liberation Front dominated EPRDF coalition.

The leader also sends message to political leaders from Amhara and Oromo who are serving the minority regime.

Another message that is underscored by the leader relates to what seem to be, from what he says, Tigray chauvinism. “Tigrays are thinking like they are God” said the leader. Learn more from the video.

Video source : Achamyeleh Tamiru. He is one of Amhara Resistance Movement activists and is based in the United States.




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