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Ethiopia : Hands that are Stretched out for Distraction – Not all hands that are stretched out are meant to help (Dejene Lakew)


by Dejene Lakew
November 17,2016

The people of Babylon condemned and will always condemn the people who brought division in their language that made them unable to communicate each other as one people for a common grand purpose of building the TOWER OF BABYLON that could have enabled them to reach to the heaven (they presumed) and make their society the imaginative, creative and great people of the world of the time. The British Empire was known in history by its nefarious and wicked activities of corrosive divisions it created on societies it colonized with feast of barbarism, so that the people get divided, remain that way for long and become like the people of Babylon and live a lower standard of existence in everything humans can achieve in unity. The European Union uses the English language for their activities, not because all member countries speak English as their native language but because they found it the language of necessity to communicate and devise a common vision and purpose to their union, with out which they could have forced to create one. Unity is one holy grail that catapults societies to greatness, that enables people to reach to what they visioned and aspired to become, contrary to division and purposeless quarrels. In the last quarter of the century our country is suffering from a debilitating self destructive uncivilized politics of ethnicity brought by TPLF and OLF and their likes, praising and promoting smallness, abandoning what is right and what is valuable to them to be among the civilized societies of the world, not the politically miniaturized species of mankind.

The recent announcement of the BBC to promote broadcasting in different Ethiopian languages (as if that will hasten our developments) is one such uncalled sinister stretch of a hand to inflame and strengthen the existing problems and give a momentum to social divisions and instabilities our country finds it self. It is an act similar to unplugging a breathing tube attached to a patient in order to end the life of the patient. The British government is full aware of the political turmoil our country finds, since TPLF came to power and we Ethiopians were expecting the British government to be aware of that, journalists and information medias of this country do proactively to promote what unites us, what helps us to come to oneness, not what divides us, not widen the chasm of division that is created by TPLF. It is a miniaturizing spectacle deceptively giving to Ethiopians to look backwards to the beginning of times to magnify things of the distant past that are unessential today and went down to the smallest units of humanity, in contrast to the spectacle they and the contemporary society use, to see what is essential today and vision far beyond what is known to humanity, in which language is the smallest and unnecessary parameter for such extra ordinary developments.

Lesson: Always remain vigilant to our unity. Fight vigorously any form of intrusion that magnifies unessential matters of politics and society, among which is language and ethnicity.

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