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ESAT Efeta : Land Lease in Addis Ababa and evaluation within the ruling party

November 17,2016


In this edition of ESAT Efeta, Ermias Legesse and Minalachew Simachew discuss land lease in Addis Ababa and EPRDF evaluation of mid level executives.

In bid for land lease last week, 1 square meter of land was price tagged 355,000 Ethiopian Birr (you are reading it right)

Land policy of the ruling party has been widely criticized for many years. For one thing, it is facilitating land grab for foreign investors -mainly from Asia. Inherent in the process is dislocation of subsistence farming communities in Gambela and other regions of Ethiopia.

If the investors are not from Asia, chances are they are locals related to Tigray Peoples Liberation Front. A resistance to such misappropriation of land is observed during the popular protest in Ethiopia which caused a state of emergency.




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