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Ethiopia: Member of parliament found dead in her office in Addis Ababa -ESAT Breaking News


November 15,2016

According to ESAT breaking news , a member of parliament found dead in her office. She is identified as Addise Zeleke, apparently a member of Amhara National Democratic Movement, one of the member parties in the ruling coalition, EPRF.

It is not clear if her death is ruled as suspicious at this point in time. And there is no update from State media. ESAT’s report indicate that her body is already flown to Bahir Dar, capital of Amhara regional state.

There has been reported political friction within the ruling party because of what seem to be a power struggle fueled by motivation to check boundless and dictatorial power of Tigray People’s Liberation Front in the coalition.

Regime experienced unprecedented internal and external political challenges in the past few months. A six months state of emergency is in effect in Ethiopia.


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